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Prodromos Ebeoglou was a refugee from Amaseia, the place where teachers and students of Anatolia had been executed in 1921. Despite the interruption of his studies at Merzifon due to the closure of the school, he remained to contribute, assisting Carl Compton, later completing his studies at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki in 1926, laying the foundations for a dedicated career with the organization, and assuming the presidency of the Alumni Association in the same year.
After graduating from Boston University in 1933, Ebeoglou returned to Anatolia as member of the faculty. He then became registrar and, later, chief financial officer, positions in which he made his mark.
In 1941, with the German invasion of Thessaloniki, President Riggs was forced to leave the country. During a period of hardship, Ebeoglou, together with Orestis Iatridis and Georgios Markoglou, led the effort to establish a new educational institution, the Adamantios Korais School, on the model of the Anatolia College, to keep its spirit alive.
Ebeoglou’s collaboration with Carl Compton, who returned to the school after the war, proved decisive. Initially as an administrative officer and later (1953) as chief financial officer, Ebeoglou stood by his side during a time of great economic hardship. His insight and management skills led to building up reserves for the organisation and gradually reducing the deficit.
Remarkable was Ebeoglou’s initiative to convince the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce to establish the “Association of Friends of Anatolia College” in 1948. The Association provided valuable support by securing scholarships for outstanding students with financial difficulties, while helping to reduce the financial burden on the College.

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