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Celebrate 100 years of Anatolia College in Thessaloniki by sharing your wish with us.

Let’s create a special digital wish board for our school, sharing messages of love, hope and positivity from all over the world!

We hope for 100 more years of unraveling different aspects of ourselves through engaging with the countless extra-curricular clubs that Anatolia College offers.

VOICES, Anatolia College Student magazine club

I hope that these 100 years will be just the beginning of the American College of Thessaloniki “Anatolia”. Anatolia is not just an educational institution, it is a “family” that stands by us forever.

Eleni Beka, ‘08

I wish with all my heart that this institution will always be staffed by creative people, by people who never stop envisioning and dreaming. I am in the happy position of having two families, one by blood and one by Anatolia. With sincere reverence … Anatolia HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you the Thousands!

Nikolaos Bouras, Faculty of Anatolia College

I wish that Anatolia College will always be a warm embrace for all students who will spend their student years in it!!

Calliope Sopeoglou, ‘01

I wish the school to keep maintain its high standards, to all children who choose it as a door to a creative life full of success. May the educational effort of the school be the means for a constant search for their best selves.

Aggeliki Vlachaki, parent

Another 100 more years of creativity, contribution, knowledge and education. Another 100 opportunities for children with scholarships to experience the wonderful world of Anatolia. To seize the opportunity. Thank you very much.

Spyridoula Gartsioni, parent

Happy 100 Years to Anatolia College! A school that has touched the hearts and minds of thousands of students. Wonderful academics, precious memories, and faculty that welcomes each new student with the warmth of a family.

Silviya Topchiyska, friend

100 wishes for the school that marks its graduates with memories. Wishes for a thousand more years

Errika Loram, ‘93

I wish that Anatolia will continue to provide its students with knowledge, wisdom and inspiration for another 100 years!

Zoe Katsarea, ‘09

Happy birthday to the school that gave us so many wonderful memories! Forever grateful for the fantastic years!

Charilaos Doumas, ‘23

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