Be one of the alumni
who will write history

Support our mission, donate €1,000 to Anatolia College, and leave your mark on our history.

The ALUMNI 100 CAMPAIGN is available exclusively to Anatolia College alumni.

By donating €1,000 you will have the following unique privileges:

  • To support the upgrade of 5 Anatolia High School classrooms and have your name inscribed on one of the 5 plaques that will be placed in each renovated classroom.
  • To include your name on the special anniversary banner we are preparing, which will be placed in a prominent location outside the Anatolia Indoor Gym, on the High School campus, and will remain for 6 months, in celebration of our Time Capsule event scheduled for June 2024.
  • Along with your name and graduation year, you will be leaving your own message to the next generation of Anatolians inside our planned Time Capsule.
  • To become part of a select group of alumni who will be supporting the Anatolia College centennial in Thessaloniki.

Thanks to your valuable contribution, we will be writing the next chapter in the history of Anatolia College together!

Reserve your place among our alumni. Donations will be accepted from February 5 to April 22, 2024.
Places will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.