Our time capsule will challenge the Anatolia community to leave their mark for the future, a gift from the past to be opened 100 years later.

Members of faculty and staff and Trustees will be asked to send a message through time, for future Anatolians.

Among them are 100 alumni who, with their significant donation, support the school’s mission. If you are an alum and would like to be part of this campaign and gain a special, honorary role in our anniversary celebrations, please follow one of these links to give.

What will the new generation of Anatolians see when they open the capsule?

Who can join: Anatolia College Trustees, members of the student body, faculty and staff

Venue: In front of the Indoor Gym, Anatolia College, Lykeion campus

Anatolia High School Homecoming
Formal Luncheon by the Association of Friends of Anatolia College

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