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Dimitris Theocharides, 1888 alumnus, dedicated his life to Anatolia College. After his studies at the University of Athens, in 1892 he returned to the institution to develop the Greek department, leaving his mark as an educator.
His dedication to education came to a tragic end in 1921. After 29 years of uninterrupted service, he was arrested along with five other teachers, accused of disloyalty to the nationalist regime. The charge was based on their involvement in the Greek literary association of Anatolia, which the court found to be a subversive organization aimed at annexing Pontus to Greece.
The six teachers were brought before the Turkish military court, where they were all found guilty and sentenced to death. The tragic epilogue was written in August 1921, when five of the six were hanged, including Dimitris Theocharides.

Prodromos Ebeoglou
Lusaper Dorikian

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