Faculty Member

John Gateley, of English and Greek descent, taught at Anatolia College for 37 consecutive years. Thanks to his collaboration with dedicated colleagues in teaching English, such as Michael Bass, Sandy Charanis, Helen Tavantzis, Patricia Atkins-Kastritsis, Paula Pappas, Helen Koliais, Vasso Pappas, Rodney Coules, Patrick Martin, Thomas Stone and Christopher Markham, students in their final year were able to master English as their second language. Alongside teaching English, he served in various roles including Club Advisor, Principal, Vice President, Director of Student Services, Boarding House Advisor, and Career Guidance Officer, showcasing his diverse skills and his desire to support the school in any position. His willingness to contribute was evident when, in the penultimate year of his career in 2013, he unexpectedly took on the role of Head of the English Department. The culmination of a long and successful career at Anatolia College was the unanimous awarding of the “Teacher of the Year award” in the same year.

Millicent Kent
Winifred Weter

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