Born in Niğde, Southern Turkey in 1889, Athanasios Agnidis dedicated his life to serving Greece and the world. A 1908 alumnus of Anatolia, he studied law in Istanbul and Paris, leaving his mark on international organizations.
As Secretary of the Disarmament Conference (1932) and Deputy Secretary General of the League of Nations, he became a pioneer of the movement for world disarmament and was noted for his negotiating skills, talking to leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini.
Ambassador of Greece to London during World War II, he represented Greece at the founding assembly of the UN (1945), serving in high positions for 20 years.
A major benefactor of Anatolia College, he influenced crucial decisions and helped to secure funding through his high profile contacts. His intervention brought President White into contact with Venizelos at key moments, ensuring the relocation and establishment of the school in Thessaloniki.

Badrig H. Benlian
Lucas Peter Kyrides

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