The photographic image captures the moment, records events, acts as a chance for reflection and motivation, and tells stories from places, however near or far. Objects share the same power.

Our journey begins in Merzifon of Asia Minor in 1886, as we open our archives to display artefacts, photos, and significant objects that tell the story of Anatolia College, making the necessary connections with our world today. Our exhibition will be hosted at the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Fall 2024. Following contemporary exhibition practices we will seek to create an experiential narrative to highlight the timeless values of Anatolia College and its wider educational, social and cultural contribution, as well as its unbreakable ties with Thessaloniki.

The exhibition will serve as a milestone, giving the general public the opportunity to see rare facets of Anatolia for the first time, and learn about its deep history and its close connection with the city of Thessaloniki, from 1924 until today.

Curated by

Post-Spectacular Office

Who can join: This is an open event, everyone is welcome! Free admission.

Venue: Museum of Byzantine Culture

Limited Edition "Anatolia 100 Thessaloniki" Book
Alumni Basketball Tournament

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