I am filled with pride as we commemorate the centennial of Anatolia College in Thessaloniki. This remarkable institution has not just reached a century of educational excellence in Greece; it has fostered profound understanding and friendship between our nations and demonstrated the incredible promise of combining American educational principles and resources with the intellectual capital and cultural heritage of Greece.

Throughout these 100 years, Anatolia College has established itself as a beacon of learning, leadership, innovation, and values. It is justly hailed as a paragon of American educational standards and has profoundly shaped minds, creating a legacy of leadership. The college’s unwavering commitment to critical thinking, inclusivity, and the holistic development of students exemplifies the best of what American education represents.

This centennial does not just offer us a moment to pause and reflect on past successes, but also allows us a moment to envision the future. Under the guidance of my great friend President Vlachos, Anatolia College is charting the course for continued transformative education and navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie before us. I can think of no better person for this mission. It’s an honor to be part of this journey and to stand as a friend and partner in fostering the educational ties that bind our two countries together.

U.S. Mission Greece is committed to nurturing this partnership. We are focused on expanding exchange programs, enhancing educational opportunities between our countries, and ensuring that educational opportunity is available to all people on an inclusive basis. Greece’s prominence as a favored destination for American students studying abroad is a testament to our shared educational values, and Anatolia College has been instrumental in promoting this cultural and academic exchange.

As Anatolia embarks on its next century, our friendship will continue to flourish, supporting the college’s mission to cultivate future leaders. As we celebrate what has already been achieved, we keep our eye on the future and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Together, let’s continue to build bridges of knowledge and understanding, making high-quality education a possibility for generations to come.

Congratulations, Anatolia College, on this monumental centennial celebration. Here’s to the next hundred years of excellence, innovation, and friendship!

Ambassador George J. Tsunis – US Embassy in Greece