Lee Myer (or Meyer), a native of Pennsylvania, was an engineer, supervising construction on the Anatolia campus from 1933-1937.
Previously, he had worked as a member of the Near East Relief (NER) group active in Merzifon since 1919. Later, he offered his expertise as an architect and engineer at the NER orphanage in Syros.
Fluent in Greek, Myer worked closely with then Anatolia President George D. White in overseeing the construction of the first buildings. Using stone from the Chortiatis mines, Myer created a robust water tank for the College, ensuring a smooth flow of water from the same area.
White, impressed by Myer’s expertise and dedication to engineering, recommended him for the design and construction of the new facilities at Anatolia. Under Myer’s guidance, the three finest buildings that grace the Anatolia campus to this day were realized, leaving their own mark on the 20th century.

Theano Tyriki
Anna Betrosian-Filizian

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