Esther White joined the Merzifon staff in 1890 after completing her studies at Iowa College, later Grinnell, where she met George E. White, who followed as the 3rd President of Anatolia College. Esther, along with other missionary women, were instrumental in supporting the education of girls and more and more families began sending their girls to the Girls’ School. She contributed significantly to the whole effort for the relocation and reopening of Anatolia in Thessaloniki, after the school was forced to shut down in 1921. She oversaw administrative developments and was present at graduation ceremonies while President White traveled to America to raise funds for the construction of the new facilities. Without her contribution, Anatolia College would not have been able to reopen at its new home in Greece. Thanks to her actions, she won the confidence of the American Council and the friendship and support of the Greek society, as well as of state officials and the Orthodox Church.

Hannah Nollen
Mary Hill Surpless

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